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Our Cats on Animal Planet's Cats 101
All of the cats with the exception of the seal point are our cats.
Our cats on the show were: CH Don Curleone of Kitykarekurl (flame point LH Male), GC, BW RW Kitykarekurl's Doro (tortoiseshell SH female), CH Kitykarekurl's Astarita (blue cream LH female), CH PR Kitykarekurl Sonny Curleone (red mackerel tabby & white LH male), GP Knuckledovey's Blackys Flying Bedbug (black SH female), and then 10 week old kittens Lollipop (red and white mackerel tabby LH female) now owned and loved by Pam Klemp, GC, GP Kitykarekurl Mikael Curleone that is here with us and CH Kitykarekurl Mikayl Curleone (cream mackerel tabby SH male and female) owned by Laura Barber and CH Kitykarekurl Rosetta Curleone, DM (red mackerel tabby SH female)

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First Ever Selkirk Rex ShortHair DM
On October 27, 2013 CH Kitykarekurl Rosetta Curleone, DM earned the first ever Distinguished Merit title by 5 of her offspring becoming Grands! Her children that helped her to achieve this milestone with the breed are:

GC Kitykarekurl Teresa Curleone
GC BW Kityarekurl Concetta Curleone
GP AW Kitykarekurl Giovanni Rascurleone (JohnJohn)
CH GP Kitykarekurl Lorenzo Rascurleone (Home Depot's Richard the Cat)
GP Kitykarekurl Vincenzo Rascurleone


2013-2014 CFA Selkirk Rex Results
GC Kitykarekurl Pia Curleone was Best of Breed in Region 1 and 2nd Best of Breed Nationally.
Our HHP PurrCilla was 14th Best HHP in Region 1.


2012-2013 CFA Selkirk Rex Results
GC, BW, RW Kitykarekurl's Doro was the Best SH Selkirk Rex in CFA and the North Atlantic Region earning her title of Breed Winner. Doro was also the 14th Best Cat in Championship in the North Atlantic Region, our first regional winner.


2011-2012 CFA Selkirk Rex Results
GC, BW Kitykarekurl Concetta Curleone was the Best LH Selkirk Rex in CFA and the North Atlantic Region earning her title of Breed Winner. She is now living in Chicago with her new Mom Pam and her cousin Kitykarekurl Lollipop Curleone.


CH Kitykarekurl Pasquale Curleone received 3rd Best of Breed LH in CFA.


We also received 2nd Best SH Premier with Kitykarekurl Jake Rascurleone and 3rd Best SH Premier with Vincenzo Rascurleone. In LH Kitykarekkurl Lorenzo Rascurleone was Best LH Premier. Kitykarekurl Concetta Curleone also was 2nd Best LH kitten in CFA.

2010-2011 CFA Selkirk Rex Results
GC, BW Kitykarekurl Salvatore Curleone was the Best LH Selkirk Rex in CFA and the North Atlantic Region earning his title of Breed Winner, our first.

Kitykarekurl Jake Rascurleone was the 3rd highest scoring Selkirk Rex SH kitten in CFA.


2009-2010 CFA Selkirk Rex Results
GC, PR Kitykarekurl Mikael Curleone 2nd Best Shorthair Selkirk Rex Champion National and Best Selkirk Rex Champion in the Southern Region.
CH Kitykarekurl Rosetta Curleone BEST Shorthair Selkirk Rex Kitten National and in the North Atlantic Region.
CH, GP Purrfectcurls Biscotti 3rd Best Shortshair Selkirk Rex Premier National and 2nd Best Premier in the North Atlantic Region.


KityKareKurl is a small cattery in Central New Jersey. We started showing Household Pet in CFA North Atlantic Region in 2005 and fell in love with the Selkirk Rex breed after adopting 2 rescues in December of 2006. We decided to start our breeding program with the Selkirk Rex and now have numerous Grand Champions, 3 Best Of Breeds, the very first Short hair DM and numerous Grand Premiers of our own breeding.


Howell, NJ

Phone: (732) 567-7927